Father's Day Art

This Father's Day is a little bit of a bummer for us since my husband is currently in Guam. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate what an awesome dad he is. It probably means we should try to make it even more special for him. We'll probably Skype a lot Saturday night, since it will be Sunday morning in Guam.

But we did make him some homemade art that has all the fun of personalization and a great graphic look.
Fabric Pen
Paper shaped like a heart (optional, depending how you would like to do it)

It's a pretty simple craft project. But the fun is in all the inside jokes that you can add to it.

All our sentences begin with "I love you because..." The kids and I all wrote 3 to 4 reasons and we kept the heart shaped pattern spreading outward. One of my favorites is "I love that you love handmade gifts," and "I love that you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with me." That's love.

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