A Trip to the Farmers' Market

I missed the opening of our little town's farmers' market last week. Boo! But even for this week I should have gotten up earlier because it was officially wiped out by the time we got there at 10am. We did manage to buy a few things but next week I'll be sure to set the alarm.

We had a nice walk down to the farmers' market. It's only a few blocks away. Now that we are moving soon, I am really trying to appreciate the small and antique town we live in. So I have been trying to take a lot of pictures that highlight those qualities.

Even if sometimes the kids can't appreciate it.
I love how they all express how I need to stop taking pictures and come on already in a different way.

There really was not a great selection going on since the early birds grabbed all the good stuff, but they had a great station for kids to paint tiny pots and plant some beans.

And it all ended on a high note. Who needs vegetables when you've got cupcakes?

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