Saying Goodbye is So Hard

At the moment we live in a big and beautiful Victorian house that was built before my great-grandmother was born. I love it.

It really was love at first sight. I saw it online one day and knew that this house would be my house. When I traveled across the country to see her, as soon as I drove up to the curb, I knew that it wouldn't be long until I called her home. I hadn't even set foot inside yet.

When I finally did set foot inside, it just gave me all the more reason to make her mine.

The house wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I saw all the potential. And then I worked hard and tirelessly until most of that potential came to fruition. I am pretty sure all the hours I put in painting alone would make me a professional painter. Not sure what all the hours I spent removing wallpaper, installing fixtures and making repairs makes me qualified for, but it does qualify this house to be considered one of the family.

But alas, we are a military family, and that means this home was only a temporary part of our lives. And I know this sounds super cheesy but it will always have a permanent home in my heart.

Goodbye foyer
It's a little weird to say goodbye to the place where we usually said hello, but I suppose it's fitting to start here. I will remember your old fashioned doorbell ring forever.

Goodbye living room
So strange to be saying goodbye to the windows that made me say "Hello beautiful," when I found you online. You were the very first room we painted when we walked into our new house. You took four straight twelve-hour days of painting and even then I found myself doing touch ups months after we had "finished." Your room was the warmest in the winter and the coolest in the summer.

I will miss your gorgeous built in shelves and antique lighting fixtures most of all.

Goodbye dining/crafty room
You housed the piano where my daughters learned to play. You were the room we were most creative in. We did our drawing, gluing, cutting sewing, and painting here.

Goodbye bedroom
I am sad that I waited until the last possible minute to take down your wallpaper, you turned out so beautiful and tranquil.

Goodbye hallway
You are a great creaky hallway with lots of doors and crevices. Which were a bit of a pain to paint, but I loved waking up every morning and coming out into this part of the house. And I love the fact that you are decorated with a charming window that was originally in the attic.

Goodbye bathroom
This was the first room that threw us into renovation mode. At one point you were nothing but floor joists and studs, but you turned into one of our proudest-to-have-accomplished rooms, even if we had a lot of help.

Goodbye kitchen
You taught me so many useful things.

I learned how to lay hard wood floors, how to install lighting and ceiling fans, how to install a faucet and a garbage disposal, how to put up tile and grout and how to hook up a gas line. I will be forever grateful.

We spent many hours here. Cooking, laughing, eating, entertaining, doing homework, cleaning and just plain living. You were definitely the most used room in the house.

Goodbye House
We put you the market on a Tuesday and exactly three weeks later you sold yourself. Thank you for being a fantastic house and making our moving process all the more easier.

You were a lovely first home to me and my family. I will miss you, probably more than a sane person should, but I love you just the same.

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