Some of you may not know this, yet others might be sick of hearing it, BUT we're Hawaii bound. As in going to be living there for the next three years. We gotta get there first though. Hence The Road Trip of Awesomness or Quite Possibly the Trip That Ages Me Ten Years.

Did I not mention I am taking this road trip with three kids solo? Well I am.

I am still really pumped. < This might be the first sign that I'm losing my grip on reality.

In less than two weeks, I will be starting off on our crazy summer adventure. I am too excited! Can you tell? I made this graphic in Photoshop to express just how excited I am. I should let you know I know nothing about photoshop and completely fumbled my way through this graphic.

We have seen a good share of the US, but not too much of the middle. Looking forward to getting to know you better America. The place I am most excited to see is The City Museum in St. Louis. The pictures make it look like this art deco/steampunk wonderland. It's going to be awesome!!
If you want to follow our trip across the US I will be posting here on the blog, but for more immediate updates you really should follow me on Twitter or Instagram, as those will be updated more quickly. 

Plus, you guys in the areas I am in can give me tips about restaurants and what to see. That would make my day!

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