A Trip to Letchworth State Park

Since we are moving soon we are really trying to explore our local area more. That's what brought us to Letchworth State Park this week. It is about a two hour drive from our house, but it is truly gorgeous and worth the trip.

Letchworth is called the "Grand Canyon of the East." It's just breathtaking.

We ended up just having a picnic and then exploring. There are quite a few lookout points throughout the park and three waterfalls. We only managed to see one, the lower falls. Which has an intricate stone bridge you can walk over to get a good look at the falls. 
I had just told my son that there are indeed wolf spiders in the area. I think he's trying to figure out if I am joking or not. I was not.
I have to say it was a good day with a good workout. Did you see those stairs?

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