What's Your Sign Art

I have been wanting to attempt this art project for awhile. Ever since I saw this beautifulness. See, beautiful right? But then I got prompted again by this pin. I say attempt because my artistic ability is somewhat lacking. No one ever wants to be my partner when we play Pictionary. Ever. But I figured how hard could stars be. 

This little project is also proof positive that I'm not perfect. As you can see from the pictures... and as if you didn't know.
It may not be AS beautiful as my inspirations but I love it all the same. Lately I am really digging meaningful art for our home.
All three of my children are Geminis. Which is only semi-weird. The really weird part is that the Gemini symbol is twins and my twins are Geminis. Okay, it's not that weird, but it is a happy coincidence. Makes for some great personalized art in their room.
I love it here placed by Ginny and Hermoine's wands in my daughter's room. Can you spot something of Melody Pond's? I think the kids referred to it as the best birthday present ever. We got them at ThinkGeek. Love that place. Actually this whole photo is proof positive of our love for geek culture. 

To make it I just painted with acrylic paints on a piece of cardstock, in shades of black, white, blue, and metallic gray until I got a sky-like background. Then I painted with white many stars and dots around the edges. In the middle, I charted, as accurately as possible, the constellation I needed. After that, I wrote the sign and connected the stars with a fine point felt pin. Easy peasy. 

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