Oh, The Places We Went: Instagram Version

 Begin at the beginning//Waiting for train to go to Chicago//We're here//Chicago Dog//Waiting in the Adler//City Museum awesomeness//City Circus//Eleven Story Slide// Omaha's Desert Dome
King Kong deliciousness//Carhenge//Great Mexican food//Look out!//The Rockies//Dino mascot//Beautiful rest stop//Arches National Park//Salt Flats are flat

Our road trip is officially over. Even since we've been in California we have been going all around the state. North to Chico, East to Oregon Creek, and West to Vallejo (Six Flags) But it has to end sometime and that time is now.

We are taking off Monday for our final destination, which is Hawaii. So this weekend will bring laundry, packing, Hunger Games watching and spending that last bit of time with our loved ones. 

I might be a little more neglectful blog wise, since I don't officially have a place to live when we get there and I won't have a car. So I am homeless and carless, but I am almost always on Twitter or Instagram. Priorities! So if you want to know what's up with us, check those out.

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