Our Movie Night! or How to Throw A Slammin' Farewell Party

We had our movie night/going away party the Friday before we left Pennsylvania. It was a good time even if it was bittersweet. It was nice to say goodbye to our friends and neighbors in backyard movie night style.
The goodies consisted of homemade popcorn and seasonings, gummi worms, whoppers, swedish fish, red licorice and lollipops. The drinks were old fashioned bottled soda with paper straws, of course. The labels I found here and just edited them in Photoshop.

This is actually a fail screen. Don't get me wrong, I believe it is as beautiful as an outdoor screen can be. But I had no idea how large the screen needed to be. We rented a projector from the library for only $25 and they let me bring it home one night to test it out for free. That's when I realized this screen was going to be waaayyy too tiny, but I was still really proud of it.
It's all good though, because the girls have a small projector in their room, that they will be able to use this for. 
The kids all loved the photo props and we got some really great pictures with our friends. They were a hit!

This below is the screen I ended up making that was just the right size. It was made with a 9x6 drop cloth and wood. The boards are just 2"x1"x 10', they worked perfectly. I just screwed the boards together and stapled the drop cloth to it. It is standing up using drywall buckets full of sand that were actually provided by our neighbors. The rest only cost me about $30. Worth every cent.
We ended up watching James and the Giant Peach, Peewee Herman's Big Adventure and part of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

We were so fortunate with our weather. It was actually supposed to thunderstorm all weekend and it did up until about 5pm and then the sun came out and it didn't start storming again until the next day. Lucky us!

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