Road Trippin' Day 3: St. Louis

Day 3

I am officially in love with St. Louis. I am coming back at some point, but here's a recap of what we did while we were here. We left Springfield, Illinois and headed to St. Louis. Our first stop was the City Museum. I could have stayed here a week and still have something to miss. It's breathtaking how much creativity is here.
So much to see and crawl/climb through. There's an old vault, a skate park, the largest pencil, slides absolutely everywhere, the largest underpants, a circus and really so much more. That isn't even the tip of the iceberg with this place. There is just no words to describe the pure genius and absolute beauty of the City Museum. I was so looking forward to going here and it did not disappoint, at all. If you are ever near it, GO! Seriously. 

After an amazing time, we headed over the The Gateway Arch. I was looking forward to going up in the elevator but two of my kids were not having any of that. So we skipped the elevator and walked around the museum underneath. Very interesting.

We also took a bunch of pictures outside.

Miles driven today/ all together: 395/1068
Au Revoir Illinois!
Times I was completely embarrassed by my children: Once. After asking my son repeatedly to use the bathroom before we left the arch, he started saying, in a very raised voice that I (his mother) could not control everything and proceeded to have a meltdown. I think someone needed a nap, but I needed a rock to hide under, as he was telling the world about his inability to pee on command.
Highlights: The City Museum all the way! So much fun. But if I had to be more specific, probably the ferris wheel ride on top of the building or the ten story twisty slide. :)

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