Road Trippin' Day 4: Omaha

On day four we woke up in St. Joseph, Missouri. From there we drove a couple hours to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska. They have a desert dome, which was all kinds of awesome.
After the zoo, we ate lunch at a place called King Kong and it was delicious and enormous. The kids meals were giganto!  A cheese burger the size of my child's head.

Then we were off again. Well kinda, until I got pulled over twice within an hour of each other. But after that we were off to drive across Nebraska. Nothing too exciting until we took the scenic route up to Alliance, NE. That drive was gorgeous.
We stopped in Alliance for the night and ate at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, where you could hear the cook singing along with the Mexican radio. Of course it was delicious. Then it was off to bed because it was a long day!

Miles driven today/all together: 581/1649  It was a long day and we are about half way now.
Adios Missouri and Iowa
Horrifying moment of the day: When I was pulled over twice within hour of each other in Nebraska. Once for speeding (12 miles over) and another for changing lanes when there was a white solid line. But I thought I had to pull over for emergency vehicles on the side of the road, which he was. No ticket on both counts. Counting my lucky stars for that. Ended up doing the speed limit and staying in the right lane the rest of the day. :) You know how a third time is a charm.
Highlight: Driving scenic route 25 up to Alliance, NE. Gorgeous, even if there was a moment I was pretty sure a tornado was going to touch down and I got hit by a rogue tumbling branch (too big for a weed, I think)

Okay, we are motoring through. Up tomorrow is various places in Nebraska and The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. It's very cool.

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