Road Trippin' Day 5: A Doozy

Today was absolutely a doozy. Lots of pics!

We started our day off checking out Carhenge. I loved this quirky little place.
Then we drove south to Chimney Rock.
After that we headed even more south, down to Colorado Springs to the Garden of the Gods. This is definitely a close second and may even be tied for my favorite place so far. (St. Louis is currently the place holder) I am just in awe of nature since this trip hit the western side of the US. It has the ability to make me feel really small, everything is beyond enormous. I can only imagine how American Indians or the pioneers felt when trying to travel around these parts. Seems almost impossible.
This was a long day. Not only did we see and hike around a lot, I also drove a lot. Felt good to lay down and sleep this night.

Miles driven today/all together: 418/2067
Hasta la vista Nebraska!
Embarrassing moment of the day: Tripping in a hole at Carhenge in front of a bunch of bikers. I am so smooth.
Horrifying moment of the day: For about an hour when I thought I may just run out of gas on a county road without a soul or gas station in sight. Fortunately that did not happen, but I haven't let the tank get below half from this point on. Lesson learned.
Highlight: Definitely Garden of the Gods and driving through the Rockies. Breathtaking!!
Let Birds Fly

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