Road Trippin' Day 6&7: Arches National Park & Go, Go, Go

Day 6

The Arches National Park is like a completely different world. The drive up into it is a little frightening, but just so beautiful.
Miles driven today/all together: 368/2435
Sayonara Colorado!
Lowlights: Just feeling a bit exhausted. Okay, that's a lie I am completely exhausted. The park was gorgeous and we didn't rush, but I am tired and maybe didn't enjoy it as much as possible.
Highlights: Driving through the Rockies and through the Arches National Park. It was a bit terrifying. Not used to driving so many twisty turns, but it was absolutely gorgeous.

Day 7
No pictures of today. It was a driving kind of day. It was a nice long fourteen hour drive, but we got to our destination in time for a homemade spaghetti dinner. YUM.

I had a great time, but am very happy it is over.

Miles driven today/all together 817/3252
Smell ya later Utah and Nevada
Highlights: Not much, fourteen hours of driving does not allow for many highlights.

Once I get some rest and go through ALL the pictures, I will have a recap post. Thank you to everyone with your kind comments! Going to take a nap now.

Let Birds Fly

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