Road Trippin' Days 1&2

Day One
We said goodbye to our house at about 1o'clock in the afternoon, right after the movers finished up putting everything into the van.

Interesting story about our furniture, it is going on a much longer journey than we are. It will be put into shipping crates and then driven to Florida. From there it goes down around South America and back up towards Hawaii. (Can't even tell you how jealous I am that my furniture will be closer to Chile/Patagonia than I have been)
Not much happened besides about 7 and half hours of driving. Getting us right to the Indiana/Illinois border.

Miles driven today/all together: 479/479
Sayonara Pennsylvania and Ohio
Times I yelled at the kids: Surprisingly, zero!
Highlight: Billboard that read, "Hey, I'm workin' here!"

Day Two

Day two brought us to Chicago by train. We took the South Shore line from Indiana. Cheaper than parking and quicker than driving, a total win/win situation. Plus, I get to live out a little bit of a Mad Men fantasy of riding the train into the city. Unfortunately there were no Don Drapers. Or perhaps that's fortunate.

Once we got off the train, we went straight to the Field Museum. It was fun and I really enjoyed the gem gallery. Not even a huge jewelry person, but looking at those pretty rocks makes me squee. The TRex named Sue, is also quite the sight. Great story behind her excavation too.
We then had lunch by a hot dog cart and walked over to the Buckingham fountain. It's pretty amazing. So much detail to be seen. Not to mention the thing is friggin' enormous. It was a long walk, but lucky for us we got to watch a lot of the set up for Lollapalooza, which is starting on the 3rd of August. Wow, it's taking over almost all of Grant Park. Very big production and neat look at the behind the scenes stuff.

In other news, can you tell some kids might be sick of getting their picture taken?
We then made the long haul back towards the planetarium. By far my favorite place for the day. What can I say, I have a thing for the universe.
After that we hopped back on the train towards our car. We had dinner at this fantastic place near the train station called Chicago Pita. Highly recommended. And that's not just because they gave my kids free ice cream and fries, it's completely because the food was 'gorge myself' delicious. No lie. If you're ever in Hegewisch, you know what to do.

We drove a few hours and we are now at the place where Abraham Lincoln once lived, Springfield, Illinois.

Miles driven today/all together: 194/673
So long Indiana!
Times I yelled at the kids: Once. You know what you did Clarissa.
Highlights: Too hard to pick one. The Adler Planetarium, my Chicago style hot dog for lunch, and my gyro for dinner. :) Love the food!!

Here's pictures from my Instgram feed. If your are interested in real time updates of our trip, you should follow me here or on Twitter.

Tomorrow is St. Louis, which I am way too excited about. City Museum or bust!

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