Spellbound: A Harry Potter Inspired Spell Book

I am thrilled to share this project with you guys. As it is one of the gifts I am most proud of making. A couple years ago, a few months before Christmas, I got the brilliant idea to make a spell book inspired by Harry Potter. I am really glad I thought of it a few months before Christmas, since it took me a while to get it all together.

This is a photo heavy post, but hopefully you'll enjoy a peak inside this spell book.
Notebook/Journal of your choice. I found this one on Ebay, it is leather bound with parchment on the inside.
Clear sticker paper
A printer
TIME, seriously.

The concept of this is so simple, BUT it is time consuming. I am glad I thought of doing it way before Christmas.

I found most everything online. Harry Potter Wiki was great for information about the spells and what they do. HPW also had fabulous quotes and some images which I copied and pasted into a word document. I changed most of the wording to a more Potter-esque font.

This can be a long process. I didn't have a master plan going into it, so it took a while to collect the information. If I had known what I was looking for this might have gone faster.

Most the information in the spell book consist of the spells, curses and general information about Hogwarts. Such as the four houses, the school song, and a map of the grounds. I also added some info about the Tri-Wizard Tournament, The Ministry of Magic, and witches and wizards wands. It's almost like a cheat sheet for everything you ever wanted to know about Harry Potter.

Once I collected all the info and images, I printed it all out on clear sticker paper. I was really impressed with this stuff. There are very few places where it looks like a sticker. In most places, it very much looks like it was drawn and written on by hand. Getting it into the journal is a time consuming step, since it requires lots of cutting and figuring out of placement.

After that, I was done. Then I just had to wait to see the look on my son's face Christmas morning. He absolutely loved it and he still plays with it today. I had even left a few blank pages for him to add his own information, but the only thing he has written so far is "Do not use these spells outside of school."  That's just so perfect.

Interested in kowing what fonts I used here's a list.

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