A Trip to the Dole Plantation and North Shore

This week's trip brought us to the Dole Plantation and up to the North Shore of Oahu. 
We didn't stay at the plantation for too long, but long enough to get some Dole Whip ice cream and buy a couple postcards. There is a pineapple maze that I thought would be fun for the kids closer to Halloween time. 

Our next stop was where the sea turtles roam. It was amazing to see a wild sea turtle up close and personal. There had to be dozens of them trying to wash up on shore to eat that beautiful green moss. So far this is my favorite thing we have done and I see us coming back again. 
I look at these pictures and almost can't believe that we live here for the next few years. Somebody pinch me.

Here's an update on our situation... 

We don't move into our place until Sept. 24th. We have the bestest friends ever who are letting us crash at their place until then. We don't have our car until Sept. 7th and said bestest people in the whole wide world are letting us borrow their extra car until then. Did I mention my friends are truly the greatest? Well they are. 

The kids have started school and they really enjoy it thus far. The school year started July 30th, so they have a bit of catching up to do, but I think they are a-okay. 

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