Bon Voyage! Or How to Make A Custom Vintage Travel Poster

I have officially ran out of projects to share with you guys from my stock pile. (I still have a few recipes to share though) I need to get into our new house pronto and get busy crafting and building. But I can share this idea I had about vintage travel posters. This project hasn't come to a full fruition yet, but I love where it is going.

Okay, I have been completely obsessed with vintage travel posters lately. Like spending way too much time on Pinterest searching for travel posters of the place we've been. I thought maybe I could somehow make a wall of travel posters that applied to us. After a while I realized that it would not be possible to find all the obscure weird places we've been.

What to do...

Make my own of course. 

I bought an old version of Photoshop on Ebay for about $30 a few months ago. I am not that proficient with it but I am gradually getting better. For me it's been all about playing/fumbling around and learning that way. If I think of something specific, Google is my best friend.

This was just one of those fumbling around moments though.

What I did:
After I chose which photos I wanted to turn into travel propaganda, I opened them up in Photoshop.

After doing some basic edits like auto fix (heehee) I used an artistic effect called cutout.

It looks like this...

Once you have gotten into that area, adjust the levels until your photo looks the way you like it. It took me a few adjustments to find a variation I liked. There is no set variation I used. It was different for different photos.
The next step was to add a border. I did this by changing the canvas size. To do that, click on Image, then Resize, then Canvas Size. Choose how large you want the border to be and also pick a color. I used a color from the photo itself.  The screen will look like this.
The last step is the most fun, in my opinion. That could be because I am kind of a font junkie though. You want to describe your location. I did some as simple as just the name or state and some I had more fun with in adding descriptions. Don't forget to use your arc feature for text to give it some extra pizzazz. That's what is so fun about personalized art, it's all up to you.

Here's the finished product.....

Some of the fonts I used were:
{Beautiful Pennsylvania} Freestyle Script
{Rimrock} Goudy Stout
{New York and Letchworth State Park} Foglihten No 01 (on bold)
{California} Chocolate Box
{Oregon Creek} Channel  slanted version
{St. Louis Gateway to the West} Seaside Resort
{Arches National Park} Imprint Shadow
{Chicago} Seaside Resort
{Explore/Adler Planetarium} Channel

Like I said, I am kind of in love with them. I might get a little crazy with this one. I am going to have to restrain myself. :) Not too sure how these will end up in the new place, but I am excited to see how it goes.

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