Creepy Halloween Decor: Spider Sacs

I flippin' love Halloween. I revert back to giddy, child-like behavior when Halloween is around the corner. Scary movies, jack-o-lanterns, and candy. Of course the candy.

I even like super creepy decor, but this year is the first I have given myself a bit of the heebie-jeebies with our decorating. In come DIY Spider Egg Sacs. I got this idea from the lovely Martha Stewart website a couple years ago.

So glad I decided to actually make them. I love them! They were cheap and simple to make and they really freak people out.
Yes, the mother spider is on the door. She's one bad mamma jamma. 
Like I said, these were beyond simple to make, my eleven year old daughters did the bulk of the work.

What you'll need
White Tights
Plastic Spiders of various sizes
Hot Glue Gun

Firstly, I cut the legs off a couple pairs of tights. Then I wrapped a baseball in batting (you could easily use a sock if you don't have batting) and pushed it into the toe. I tried to use tennis balls the first try, but they didn't have enough weight to pull the tights down and five them that truly creepy look. Baseballs were perfect.

After that, I let my daughters hot glue the spiders onto the tights, err, egg sacs. I used big plastic spiders and the little spiders are actually confetti. Once it was all glued on, I tied a knot on the end and hung 'em up with those command strip hooks. Voila! Creeptastic decor!

Whatcha think? Do they make your skin crawl? I think that is what I love most about them. Other people's reaction to them.

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