1. Run 42 miles this month
Since the beginning of the month I have ran 17.28 miles and plan on running two more today. I am definitely on track for this one. Yay me!

2. Go on a hike
I did a new hike this week. It was kind of terrifying but beautiful. Pictures to come.

3. Read 2 books
I am reading. The book I am currently reading is like 700 pages sooo, I may not finish it this month, but I am starting A Wrinkle in Time with my daughter. That should definitely be read before the end of the month.

4. Save $400 for the travel fund
I have already made $400 from my Etsy shop. I am hoping to be able to sock away $600 this month.

5. Increase monthly contributions to our Roth IRA and 529s

6. Set up automatic transfers for our Christmas, car, and clothing savings. 

7. Purchase Spanish Immersion software. 
Purchased, but it hasn't arrived yet. 

8. Log food and water daily
I have only missed one day since the beginning of the year. I am very happy with that. This is such a hard thing for me usually.

Okay, so I am rocking it so far, I am not afraid to say it! :) I am going to celebrate these moments because who knows what next week, or month will bring.

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