In addition to my yearly goals, I am going to add some monthly goals. Some may be related to the bigger picture and others will be random. This month I'll be checking in every Friday to give myself and you a status update. 

1. Run 42 miles this month
A little over ten a week.

2. Go on a hike
My husband is on vacation right now, so time to explore the island.

3. Read 2 books
I just got one from a friend and want to borrow another from the library.

4. Save $400 for the travel fund
I am hoping to fund this from my Etsy shop.

5. Increase monthly contributions to our Roth IRA and 529s
Getting on that today.

6. Set up automatic transfers for our Christmas, car, and clothing savings. 
This is simple too. Just gotta do it. Set it and forget it, y'all!

7. Purchase Spanish Immersion software. 
To help with the learnin'. 

8. Log food and water daily
To help make sure I am eating correct portions and drinking enough water. This one is tough.

Thar she is! The first steps to a prosperous 2014!

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