It's that time. Time to see how my goals are going for the month of January.

1. Run 42 miles this month
A pass, but barely. I ran 42.6 miles this month. Hey, it's a win.

2. Go on a hike
I went on two hikes this month. I went with my husband on the Pali Puka Lookout hike and I went on one with some friends, pictures to come. 

3. Read 2 books
Blurg... Okay, I read A Wrinkle in Time with my daughter and made it half way through Wizard's First Rule. In my defense Wizard's First Rule is crazy long. That's okay, I will make up for it in February.

4. Save $400 for the travel fund
Saved $800 for travel. Booyah!

5. Increase monthly contributions to our Roth IRA and 529s
Did it!

6. Set up automatic transfers for our Christmas, car, and clothing savings. 
Did it!

7. Purchase Spanish Immersion software. 
To help with the learnin'. 

7a. Practice Spanish three hours a week. 

FAIL. Like badly. As in didn't even install the program yet. Next month. 

8. Log food and water daily
This is a bummer because I did really well the first three weeks and then bam! life happened. Attempting again next month. I see a theme popping up here. 

Not too upset with my progress so far. There is room for improvement, but I am really happy about the finance stuff, running and hiking. 

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