2014 Goals

1. Run 500 Miles

I know it sounds a little crazy but it is totally possible. I can pull off ten miles a week pretty well. Plus, it should keep me motivated all year. I have a tendency to go all out, but this makes me have to be consistent. Consistency is not my strong suite, but that's why I need to work on it. 

2. Hike Koko Head and Diamond Head Already

I have lived here for almost a year and a half and still haven't done these famous hikes. It is time to get on it.

3. Save $4000 For Travel

This wouldn't be for this year, but next. I would love to take the family to Japan for the Cherry Blossom Festival. I am also trying to save up to go to New Zealand with a friend next year. I know I'll need more than $4000, but you have to start somewhere.

4. Increase Net Worth by 25%

This might be my hardest goal, alongside running. I am really excited to get back into finance. In my year, or so, off I didn't accumulate any debt, but my savings have not been growing as much as I would like. I also have not been working at it either, so there is definitely a direct correlation in that.

5. Do A Pull Up

Ha! I will do this dang it! There are very specific things I need to do to accomplish this. One, is to lose some more weight. Losing weight is not actually one of my goals, but it is hopefully a result of some of them.

6. Run a Half Marathon

I have already signed up for the Hibiscus Half in May. Hopefully I don't die. The furthest I have ran without stopping is six miles. So I am a little nervous, but I think I can do it.

7. Read 30 Books

I am again ashamed at how little I read in 2013. Time to correct that. 

8. Join a Spanish Club

I am hoping this will help with learning to speak Spanish. 

9. Go Swing Dancing!

I used to swing dance when I was in high school and was actually pretty good. I won a milkshake once! Just one way to stay active and have some fun. I am hoping if I find a place I like that it will be a once or twice a month thing.